This online collection was published on 22 July 2021.

Essays © The Authors
Editorial Matter © David O’Hanlon-Alexandra
Text of The Four Ages of Poetry © British Library Board (C.131.d.15., pp. 183-200)

Images created and designed by David O’Hanlon-Alexandra

The Editor would like to thank all the authors for their contributions to New Defences of Poetry. I am deeply grateful for their engagement with an unpaid opportunity, especially in (what is now semi-officially known as) These Unprecedented Times.  Thanks are also due to the authors and editors who granted permission to reproduce previously-published essays by Mona Arshi, Sean O’Brien and Leontia Flynn.

Thank you to the British Library who granted me permission to both photograph their copy of Ollier’s Literary Miscellany and produce a text from those photographs.

A huge expression of gratitude goes to the Newcastle Centre for the Literary Arts and to the Northern Bridge Consortium, for making this project happen; and to Sinéad Morrissey and John Challis for supervising my work, and allowing me the freedom to make it my own. Thank you to Melanie Birch and Pete Hebden, for their work on setting up and facilitating the public callout, the launch event, and the construction of the publication website.

Huge thanks are also due to my PhD supervisors, Meiko O’Halloran, Michael Rossington and Matthew Grenby, in discussions with whom this project was conceived and took shape, and under whose guidance my own work on Romantic-era poet-critics continues to develop.

Thank you, finally, to my wife whose love and support encourages me to see through all my projects.